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LAOSA Podcast

Lymphomaniacs is a podcast created by LAOSA to educate the nation on Lymphoedema!

Lets get the language of lymphoedema louder

in South Africa!

Our episodes will be released regularly, & we will be focusing on sharing the information the country needs to hear!!

If you have any suggestions for our podcast, please send us a message at:

We encourage any suggestions, questions, critiques & feedback from ANYONE
listening to Lymphomaniacs!
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Blue Skies
Episode 1

On World Lymphoedema Day 2023 we hosted our first Q&A session!

Our expert panel of Lymphoedema Therapists shared their knowledge & experience on lymphoedema management in South Africa!

Thank you so much to our amazing panel:

  • Dina-Marie Griffiths

  • Candice Kuschke

  • Wendy Greathead

  • Suzi Davey

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Q&A sessions later in the year, with expert panels on:​

  • Surgical options for lymphoedema

  • Compression in lymphoedema

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