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The Lymphoedema Training Academy (LTA) is an International, multi award winning education provider, continually recognised for the vast improvements it has made in the world of lymphology.



Our Training is provided by a team of leading experts with over 250 years collaborative experience you can be sure of the most evidence-based practice and training in the field.



We pride ourselves on the personal attention we offer each student and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere we promote. Together, these enable our students to develop the professional skills they need to reach their highest potential.




We have a strong focus on products used in the treatment of lower limb conditions and more specifically compression therapy. This includes products for woundcare,  lymhoedema therapy, sports compression, DVT prevention and intermittent compression therapy. A natural extension of these products was orthotics and materials used in podiatry and today we are a major supplier into this growing market.

Over the years we have built up a strong, loyal customer base and believe this is because of our absolute dedication to customer service excellence.

MEDIS® is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has an extensive sales network in all the major business centers in South Africa and supplies  products to neighboring countries. We enthusiastically embrace the rainbow nation that is South Africa and actively promote equal opportunities through Black Economic Empowerment.

Thenjiwe Healthcare was formed in 2011 with the purpose of being a sales, marketing and distribution arm for international and local principles. As of 2013, Thenjiwe Healthcare has secured an exclusive sales and distribution license with a renowned international company (25 years) called Huntleigh Diagnostics.


Thenjiwe Healthcare is a fully licensed manufacturer (NO:00000128MD) that markets, sells and distributes medical devices specific to Vascular assessment, Obstetric solutions and Patient Monitoring, to Hospitals (Private & Public), Specialists, General Practioners, Nursing and the Wound Care Clinics. A core part of our business involves service and maintenance of all our equipment to ensure decreased downtime and excellent service. All our products are supported with education and training to our customers. 

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