LAOSA is a South African non-profit (164-391 NPO) organisation for professional individuals interested in lymphoedema treatment, as well as research and training in lymphology and lymphoedema.

Why should I join LAOSA?

You will be part of a pioneering body that promotes effective lymphoedema management in SA.

You will be informed of Lymphoedema Management training courses as well as CPD events hosted by LAOSA.

If you are a Certified Lymphoedema Therapist, you will be added to the LAOSA find a therapist section so that patients can access you easily.

You will be part of a collaboration of private and public sector professionals aiming to ensure lymphoedema care for all.

What is the cost of membership?

Who can become a member?

Any health or allied health professional, or student thereof, interested in lymphoedema management.

How do I become a Member?

You will need to click here LAOSA Membership Application  and follow instructions on the form.  Also please submit any documentation required by your membership category.

For full membership this would include your registration with the HPCSA or SANC, as well as proof of 135+ hours training and successful certification in CDT/CLT by a recognised training programme. Other documentation may be requested and you will be advised if this is so.

For associate membership you will also need to submit your registration with your professional body, where appropriate.

Once your application is successful, you have agreed to abide by the LAOSA CONSTITUTION, and you have paid your fees, you will become a member of the society. You will then receive your membership number, and information about how to access the “Members” section of our website.

There are different types of membership.