LAOSA is a South African non-profit (164-391 NPO) organisation for professional individuals interested in lymphoedema treatment, as well as research and training in lymphology and lymphoedema.

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Lymphoedema Care for All


To be a collaborative association which strives to promote quality Lymphoedema Management, education, awareness and research in South Africa.


To promote access to complete Lymphoedema care in the public and private healthcare sectors. To provide the public, medical colleagues and third party payors with a National Practice Register of those qualified to treat Lymphoedema in order to ensure standards of care in the field of Lymphoedema are upheld. Engage with Medical Aids and Third Party Payors to improve the reimbursement for treatment.


Encourage and support research in the area of Lymphology, Lymphoedema and other oedemas particularly as it relates to the South African context.


To create a statement of Standards of Education for Lymphoedema therapists.
To promote and encourage professional development for currently practising Lymphoedema therapists with the focus on evidence informed practice related to risk reduction, detection, diagnosis and management of Lymphoedema and other Oedemas.

To strive to consult and advise Government, Health Care Providers, Third Party Payors, Educators and other stakeholders on the effective management of Lymphoedema and other oedemas.


Increase awareness of the diagnosis and treatment of Lymphoedema in the health care sector as well as in the general public.

Provide support and a forum for sharing of ideas amongst professionals working in the field.

Encourage and provide support for Lymphoedema patients, support groups and advocacy groups

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